Monday, March 17, 2014

Toads, Warts, and Twins

March 17, 1965
Jocie Brooke here, reporting from Hollyhill. And whew! Am I tired. We had a day off school today and I volunteered to help out the Hearndons by keeping their three-year-old twins. Wow! Have you ever tried to keep up with two three-year-olds? I mean I've taken care of Stephen. He's my sister's little boy and now that he's walking, he can keep me busy. But two who not only know how to walk, but run too!! In opposite directions.Tell me, how do you decide which one to run after? The one headed for the mud puddle or the one chasing the chickens? 

I picked the mud puddle. I figured the chickens would just have to take care of themselves. 

Finally I corralled them and got them paying attention by catching a frog. Not a Jupiter one that runs on bug juice, but a regular Earth toad frog. Do you think they really give you warts? If so, I'm in a heap of trouble. But I'll take a few warts if that helped me keep up with the Hearndon twins. 

So I don't have the energy to write anything else tonight. Got to go to bed!! 

Did you ever catch toad frogs? Did they give you warts?

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  1. Yes , I used to catch frogs and last summer I caught some for my grandson. I didn't get warts and hope that I don't. Take you a nice bath and you will sleep good tonight after your day of babysitting. Until next week watch for news to report. Sharma


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