Monday, October 21, 2013

Nature's Jungle Gym

October 21, 1964

Jocie Brooke here reporting from Holly County, Kentucky. Don't you just love it when the leaves start turning? It makes me just want to start walking through the ones that have already fallen so I can hear that rustling sound. Hard to sneak up on anybody that way. We had this nature person who came and talked to our 4-H Club once. He took us on a hike and stopped in the middle of a field where a lot of leaves were on the ground. He had us all stand in a circle around one person he picked to stand in the middle with a blindfold on. He asked if we thought we could sneak up on the person. He picked me to give it a try.  I've always heard about the Indians being able to walk through the woods without making a sound, but I don't know how they did it. I tried to move the way I thought they would, but I hadn't taken two steps in those noisy leaves before the person in the middle was turned and facing right toward me. There was no way I could walk through those leaves without making a noise. The guide laughed and said I could have tried a different approach and just run as fast as I could so that maybe I could have gotten to the person in the middle before they had time to turn toward me. But I was trying to slip my feet through the leaves quietly. Impossible!

It's more fun to just crunch on through them. And look what I found on Miss Sally's farm. A jungle gym! Well, not one of those bought kinds, but this one is even better. It's nature made with grapevines to swing on and climb around on and do some bouncing on too. They tell you that grapevines don't break. They might not break, but sometimes they turn loose of the tree they're growing around if you pull on them hard enough. 

I love walking in the woods in October. How about you? Is that something you like? What do you like about October?  


  1. Jocie, I too when I was growing up lived close to woods with grape vines and used to swing on them . I never pulled any loose from the trees though. I would still swing on them if I had any. The other day I was raking leaves in my yard and I made a pile and jumped in them. Yes, Jocie I'm an adult who is still a kid at heart. Keep on telling me what is going on in HollyHill. I love your stories,

    1. Jocie here. Oh, Sharma, I wish you lived close to me. I love jumping in the leaves and there are a lo of them in our yard. Aunt Love wants me to rake them up but I'm waiting for them all the fall down. But when they do, I'll have a big pile. You're lucky no grapevine has ever broken with you. Did you ever give the Tarzan yell while your were swinging? :)


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