Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Raspberries in God's Pantry

June 24, 1964

Jocie Brooke here reporting from Hollyhill, Kentucky. Do you love raspberries? The kind that grow out in the fields. Aunt Love says those are part of God's pantry. She also says that about asparagus and cabbage. That's a shelf in His pantry I don't care if I get anything off of. Yuck! 

People at church are always bringing us stuff from their gardens. I don't know why they all have to plant so much cabbage. And zucchini! Don't get me started on that. But I'm all for them planting strawberries and raspberries. 

But raspberries don't even have to be planted. You can just go out on the field and find them. You usually find chiggers too but a little scratching is a small price to pay for raspberries. 

Guess you can tell I love eating them. The best way is right off the bush unless a stink bug has been sitting on them. Then cabbage is better. But you just grab another berry to eat and the bad taste is gone. 

And Miss Sally fixed me  up this time with the chiggers too. She had me tie rags with coal oil on them around my ankles. Phew! No self respecting chiggers were going to jump on somebody reeking of coal oil. But the raspberries were worth it. Now if Aunt Love can get me to put any in my picking bucket instead of my mouth we might have pie. 

Have you ever picked wild raspberries?

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